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16 декември, 16
Ангели и Прасета

Уикенд в СКЛАДА

За пета поредна година отваряме широко вратите на Склада и Ви каним на коледния ни дизайн пазар "Ангели и Прасета"! 
Уикенд в СКЛАДА - Коледен пазар "Ангели и прасета" 
16-17-18 декември 2016г. 
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03 октомври, 16

Освен ,че адреса е ул. Шишман номер 8- това не е единственото основание за името.
Именно в числото 8 е закодирана идеята за безкрайността и непрекъснатото възраждане на живота. За нас от СКЛАДА винаги е било важно да предлагаме продукти,които не са вкопчени в тенденции и модни стилове. Залагаме на ценности,които прекрачват прага на времето и устояват на изкушението да бъдат Номер 1. За нас по-важен е Номер 8 . Едно непрекъснато възобновяване , безгранично и безпределно  претворяване на идеята за красиво.
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27 май, 16

Since 2004, we realized that, in order to grow, investing in a concept, identity and quality was necessary. From then on, we have chosen to use designing as a strategic tool and integrating element of our production chain. This decision has caused SOLLOS to become known as an innovative company. We seek to integrate the best of our culture to international references through the rational use of wood as a raw material, a method and production control which are in agreement with all the ecological requirements, and the investment in the use cutting edge technology equipment along with artisanal techniques. Our wide and consistent production presents a balanced variety of typologies which seek the simplicity and perfection of shapes. This concern results in timeless pieces that have been recognized for their elegance and novelty.

PERFIL Here at SOLLOS, our rationale is formed from concise design, precise execution, rigorous finishings, and responsible use of materials. Our hybrid production methods range from the use of machines to a celebration of handicraft and all its virtues. This mission is clearly understood in all products produced and commercialized by SOLLOS in the last decade, that currently have substantial renown both in Brazil and abroad. Elegant design allows pieces to silently fulfill their function, and establish on their own a connection with a variety of cultures. The positive response that is forming as we expand abroad legitimates the identity and timelessness of our signature.

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