Начало / Спални / Гардероби / Hangar Light Glass
Modular structure made to measure, in multiply and solid walnut with completely plain door. (Version in photo). The handle is formed by a length of wood running up the outer edge of the sliding door. The aluminium double-track rail positioned on the upper and lower parts of the basic structure is a byword for greater safety, reliability and resistance. The inside of the wardrobe is available with walls and interior fittings in scented cedar wood, offering a completely natural protection from moths used in past centuries by the most skilled cabinet makers to fashion wardrobes for the stately homes of the European nobility. Versions available: structure in solid wood and multiplex, WALNUT or OAK veneered. Interior fittings in scented cedar wood. Chest of drawers: in solid cedar wood. Drawers assembled with dovetail joints.
Measures H. 223 cm. (standard): L. 200 - P. 67,7 ; L. 300 - P. 67,7 ; L. 400 - P. 67,7 ;
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