Both the structure and the panels are made of wood, 4 centimetres thick. They are available in macroter and polish lacquer colours and different veneers. Drawers and doors always have embedded handles in their thickness. The bookshelves are made of panels 1 centimetres thick and can be integrated with the cabinets or superposed on them. They are available in all the finishings of cabinets, lacquers or veneers. The structure of wardrobes and doors is made of wooden panels 4 centimetres thick; they can be equipped with inner shelves, drawers and with alluminium cloth-hanger bars characterised by an exclusive design. The collection is completed by panels which can be equipped with shelves and mirrors. The wardrobes are available in the same colours and finishings of cabinets and bookshelves, too.
available in wood and other various colors
several measures
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